How to Become a Jr. Condor

Which Path is Best For You?

Like most sports, there are different levels of skills and abilities. No one is born a star have to start somewhere!

Hockey can be a confusing sport to get started with.

  • What equipment do I need?
  • How do I get my child involved?
  • Are there any skills my child needs to have before they can start playing?

Those are all great questions and in this article, we will explore three different paths to ultimately joining the Jr. Condors.

The following is a roadmap to get you there, but depending on your individual situation and your child's skills and abilities, your path might look different.

Learn to Play (LTP)


Jr. Condors

If you were looking for an exact road map to starting your child on their hockey journey, then the Learn to Play program would be step number 1.

We are very fortunate to have multiple programs in Bakersfield that give kids the opportunity to be introduced to the wonderful game of hockey.

Both of the following programs are Learn to Play Programs or LTP for short.

The first LTP is put on by our own Bakersfield Condors called the Mini Condors. This program is for kids ages 6-10 and typically takes place in the fall around November.

The other LTP is put on by the Los Angeles Kings called Lil' Kings. This program is for kids ages 5-9 and typically takes place in the spring around March.

Both of these programs are extremely affordable in the $200-$250 range.

Each program includes the following:

  • Head to toe equipment including jersey & socks
  • Six on-ice sessions that will teach kids the fundamentals of the game of hockey

Both programs are taught by excellent coaches and former Bakersfield Condors programs.

Following our road map towards becoming a Jr. Condor, joining the in-house program at Valley Children's Ice Center of Bakersfield would be step two.

That being said, you are welcome to buy your child their own equipment. There is used equipment often available for free at VC Ice Center.

Contact Paul Willett or Scott Hay for more information.

That being said, the in-house program has two skates a week. One day is spent working on skills and drills while the other day is a game day.

In-house is a great way for your child to either start or continue developing their hockey skills.

Because the kids get to play a game every week, it allows them to practice using their skills in a game scenario.

Don't worry...there is no checking (hitting) allowed in the in-house program.

Like the LTP programs, in-house is taught by amazing coaches, volunteers and former Condors.

The Jr. Condors program is our flagship hockey organization for Bakersfield.

The Jr. Condors are a competitive travel club that is broken up into different age groups based on birth year.

The Jr. Condors compete against other teams from Southern California in the Southern California Amateur Hockey Assocation (SCAHA).

We are proud to share the name of our own Bakersfield Condors who are the American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers.

Jr. Condors have to tryout every year. Tryouts are held in June.

Like in-house, the Jr. Condors are open to all ages from 6-16. However, please note that because this is a competitive travel team, your child might not meet the cut for tryouts.

However, don't get discouraged...continue to grow and develop your skills in our in-house program and tryout again the following year.

All Jr. Condor teams practice twice a week. Games are about every other weekend, but this is subject to the schedule that is created by SCAHA.

In addition to scheduled games, teams may also compete is tournaments over a long weekend, such as Labor Day.

Hopefully this article gave you a clear roadmap to becoming a Jr. Condor and didn't leave you with more questions than answers.

That being said, we are here to help get your child involved no matter where they're at in their journey.

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